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About Translations Ltd. is a leading Canadian provider of high quality English and French translation services for companies, businesses, organizations and professionals. We translate from English to French and French to English for Canadian markets and audiences.

English and French translation services

We offer high quality English and French translation services in the following specialized translation areas:

Why choose About Translations Ltd.?

Clients choose About Translations Ltd. because we provide accurate and professionally written specialized translations, from English to French and French to English, at a fair price.

Professional and rigorous approach

We approach translations in a professional and rigorous manner. We focus on technical subjects and complex documents, where we can fully use and take advantage of the specialized knowledge of our translators.

Qualified English to French translators

Our Director of Operations is a former lawyer who places a high value on the quality of our services. Accordingly, we always seek excellence. To achieve this goal, we recruit fluently bilingual translators with a degree in a field other than translation and many years of writing/translation experience in a professional setting.

Typically, our translators have worked as lawyers, accountants, business managers, engineers, technology experts or in a similar role, in English  or French speaking Canada, before specializing in translation.

Proven methodology

We match your order with a translator who studied and worked directly in your field or industry, or in a related sector. We use specialized translators to translate specialized documents.

Our clients’ legal, business, financial, engineering and technology related documents are always translated by a specialist in the relevant field. This is how we can produce accurate and professionally written translations, within tight deadlines, even for the most complex documents.

All our translations from English to French and French to English are proofread internally and reviewed by our Chief translator/reviser.


Our services are personalized, professional and confidential. All our translators have signed a non-disclosure agreement to guarantee the confidentiality of your documents and communications.


Our clients include major law firms, accounting firms, financial services entities, mutual funds, pension funds, publicly-listed corporations, resources companies, technology companies, public relations firms, and many others.


We care about our clients and are committed to their success. Contact us to request a quote.

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