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At About Translations, we are known for the quality of our business and financial translation services. We provide accurate and professionally written business and financial translations, from English to French and French to English, at a fair price.

Proven methodology

To guarantee the accuracy and superior quality of our financial translation services, we match your order with a translator specialized in business and finance.


Typically, our business and financial translators have a degree in law, accounting or a related field and many years of writing/translation experience in a professional setting.

Our Business & Finance practice group is headed by the Chief translator/reviser of the Company, a former commercial and corporate lawyer from Quebec who has been writing and translating legal, business and financial documents for over 30 years.

We hire translators with the required knowledge and expertise to translate accurately and efficiently complex legal, business and financial documents. Our Business & Finance group includes former lawyers from Quebec with many years of experience in legal, business and financial translation.


We provide high quality business and financial translation services to lawyers, accountants, financial services entities, pension funds, private companies and publicly-listed corporations, and to their managers, officers and directors.


Financial reporting and continuous disclosure documents

Our company translates financial reporting and continuous disclosure documents for Canadian reporting issuers. We rely on a team of qualified and seasoned translators to ensure the accuracy and superior quality of our financial translation services. This is how we can translate accurately, within tight deadlines, complex financial documents.

We translate prospectuses and annual information forms, financial statements and MD&As, annual and interim reports, and any other financial document you may need to file in English and French pursuant to Canadian securities laws and regulations.

Consistency is an essential component of a financial translation, since it provides clarity and certainty. We pay attention to consistency, not only within the translation itself, but also as it relates to defined terms, other translated documents previously filed, and IFRS or Canadian GAAP, as applicable.

To further ensure the accuracy and consistency of our financial translation services, we maintain a proprietary database of translation precedents for each client. We also use various terminology databases and specialized glossaries and conduct the appropriate terminological research.

Our manager communicates with the client throughout the translation process in order to ensure that any questions or issues raised by the translator are resolved quickly. We also report to our client any inconsistencies in the source document, so that edits can be made and reflected accordingly in the financial translation.

Clients have a direct access to our Director of Operations and updated versions of source documents are passed on immediately to the translator. Once the translation has been completed and delivered, we remain at our client’s disposal for any additional services which may be required, such as the translation of a press release.


Our services are personalized, professional and confidential. All our translators have signed a non-disclosure agreement to guarantee the confidentiality of your documents and communications.


We care about our clients and are committed to their success. Contact us to request a quote.

Business Translations

We translate a wide array of business documents, including:

  • Business plans and proposals
  • Internal communications
  • Correspondence
  • Codes and policies
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Business forms
  • Presentations
  • Etc.

Financial Translations

We translate all types of financial documents, including:

  • Financial reports
  • MD&A’s
  • Annual information forms
  • Prospectuses and offering circulars
  • Tax analysis and comments
  • Etc.

Language Pairs

  1. English to French
  2. French to English

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